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Vital CalMag may be the best choice in high quality nutritional supplements to promote bone health along with the health of other body systems including the cardiovascular and immune system. Vital CalMag contains a full day supply of calcium and magnesium along with the important addition of Vitamin D, Vitamin K and trace minerals such as zinc, copper and manganese essential for the health of physiologic processes throughout the body.

The American diet is sorely lacking in many nutrients, particularly minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Traditional pharmaceutical companies are making millions upon millions of dollars because of the occurrence of diseases that may be caused by nutritional deficits such as osteoporosis which affects millions of women in the US each year. Unfortunately, most mineral supplements are single or double ingredient and only contain 1 or 2 minerals. Vital CalMag, combines minerals and nutrients necessary for not only bone maintenance and development, but other vital systems.

· Calcium – known to be important in bones and teeth, along with the cardiac system. Vital CalMag contains 4 salts of calcium to ensure maximum absorption and utilization by the body.

· Vitamin D – essential for the utilization of calcium within the body and also important in disease and infection prevention. Vital CalMag contains natural cholecalciferol, the most biologically active form of Vitamin D.

· Magnesium – vital for nervous system and muscle function as well as being important for energy production, may help to prevent mental disorder and provide relief for female difficulties. Vital CalMag also contains 4 different magnesium salts to promote absorption and uptake within the body

· Vitamin K – essential for proper functioning of the blood but also thought to treat osteoporosis in Japan. Vital CalMag contains a full day supply of Vitamin K.

· Boron – shown to provide benefit in osteoporosis and other diseases of aging such as arthritis.

· Zinc – well known in the fight against viral infection, but also essential for bone growth and maintenance as well as many other processes within the body.

· Copper – used for growth, iron utilization, enzyme reactions all over the body but also important for growth, maintenance Vitalflow and restoration of bone tissues as well as for arthritis prevention and treatment.

· Insulin – a little know phytonutrient can provide increased calcium and magnesium absorption to promote bone growth as well as aiding in a feeling of fullness which may be of benefit in weight loss and diabetes.

· bamboo gum and kelp – whole food ingredients, used in Asia for health benefits including trace minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients to protect against diseases of aging.

What makes Vital CalMag different from other calcium supplements is that it combines all of these ingredients essential for the promotion of bone health, in a form that is easily absorbed and used by the body. By using multiple forms of some salts such as calcium and magnesium and by using the most natural forms of other nutrients such as Vitamin K and Vitamin D, you are sure to reap the entire benefit of nutritional supplementation. Cyberwize, the manufacturer of Vital CalMag and other nutritional supplements such as Tunguska Blast adaptogen products, is confident that you will be happy with your purchase, so much so that they offer a money-guarantee of satisfaction. Don’t you owe it to yourself to purchase the best product? It is easy to provide for all of your mineral needs with Vital CalMag.

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