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Stop smoking patches are one of the most popular ways to quit smoking. The best and most secure way to start a NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) is to give your doctor a call and ask for an one to one appointment to discuss various stop smoking methods. Nicotine replacement therapy in general is a way to replace the nicotine your body is going to be missing. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are a common side effect, so nicotine replacement products are highly recommended.

The most common quit smoking methods are:

1. Stop smoking patches

2. Quit smoking clinics

3. Quit smoking laser therapies

4. Natural stop smoking methods

5. Herbal quit smoking methods

Let’s focus on the probably most tested and most effective methods to stop smoking: The stop smoking patches. The biggest problem for smokers are withdrawal symptoms and side effects. So lets take a closer look how to use the patches:

How to decide which stop smoking patches are right for you?

Basically all stop smoking patches usually come in a box with a number of patches. There are various companies to choose from, but all patches include pretty much the same chemicals. They come in different colors. The most popular patches are the clear ones since their “footprint” is smaller which means they can’t be seen easily.

As already mentioned a doctors appointment is crucial before starting to use patches. The doctor will help you to decide the level of nicotine you are going to need.


Patches for heavy smokers: 1 Pack of cigarettes or more per day: Heavy smokers are going to need the largest dose. If you smoke a pack or more a day, even if you are smoking a little less then a pack a day you are going to need the heaviest dose which is 21 milligrams.

Patches for medium heavy smokers, 10 – 15 cigarettes a day: If you are smoking about 10 – 15 cigarettes a day custom iron on patches you are going to need the second level which is 14 milligrams.

Patches for light smokers – 1 – 5 cigarettes a day: If you are smoking up to 5 cigarettes a day you are going to use the lowest level which is 7 milligrams.

Here are some tips how to use stop smoking patches correctly:

1. Only wear one patch a day.

2. Clean the area you are going to use. The recommended and preferred areas are the forearm or the shoulder.

3. Make sure the patch and your skin is dry.

4. Put the patch on. The best time to use stop smoking patches is in the morning, after your morning routine.

5. After the first day wearing the patch, take it of and don’t sleep with it on since they can give you restless sleep and even nightmares

Side effects:

The most common side effects from wearing nicotine replacement patches is itching. This is a minor side effect. Don’t try to scratch to often, because the patch will come of eventually. If you feel any side effects like dizziness or drowsiness, cold sweat or irritated skin take the patch of and call your doctor immediately.

Insider Tip:

For those of you who have the greatest cravings for a cigarette in the morning a good way to overcome these is to set your alarm in the morning 1 hour before you usually get up. Clean the patch side and then put it on and go back to sleep again. This is a great working method to tackle the morning cravings.

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