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Every man, woman and child on the face of the earth are related to sports in some way or the other. Some are sportsmen or sportswomen, some are sports critics, some are avid followers of sports, some earn their living by reporting sports events and there are others who dislike sports. So, what exactly is sport? And is the term “sport” or “sports”? Let us find out.

Sport, at the root level, is some activity that intends to entertain. But this activity is not without its limitations and restrictions. It is a disciplined entertaining event that involves a lot of rules and regulations and is engaged with competition between the two parties. Sport at random refers to activities that test the physical capabilities of the participant and he or she is declared the better sportsman or sportswoman respectively. However, strictly speaking, sports also includes activities like mind sports and motor sports. In the latter cases, these activities test the agility of the mind and the quality of the machinery or equipment used for the event.

The Chinese are known to have engaged in sporting events since 4000 B.C, gymnastics being their main sport activity. The Egyptian monuments dedicated to the Pharaohs bear testimony to their interest in swimming, fishing, wrestling, javelin throwing and high jump. Persians have been known to practice martial art and they have given to the world the games of polo and jousting.

Greece, of course, was a pioneer in sports even in the ancient times. One of the greatest contributions to the world of sports was made by Greece, the Olympic Games.

History, the greatest documenter of all times, has brought to our notice that Industrialization has actually increased the popularity of sports. How? With science and technology permeating every field of work today, a lot of time is saved that helps not only to pursue sports seriously but has also made serious followers of sporting events of people who could barely keep track of things happening in their favorite team of their favorite sport. Visit https://rollygames.com

This has actually raised the fan following and the funds required to conduct what have become some of the greatest events on earth. Further, professionalism has made sports a fantastic career option other than just doing it for the love of the game. Mass media and global communication, television, radio and now the Internet have brought major sports events to our doorstep or rather, to our desktop.

Today, it is possible to see and hear your favorite sportsman talk about his or her exercise regime and the discipline required to win the game. This not only helps amateur players gear up for the future, but also inspires young boys and girls to give sports a serious thought.

Sports are inseparable with sportsmanship. We often hear of business tycoons being referred to as good sportsmen. What exactly does it imply? Sportsmanship refers to the attitude that prefers fair play to sly games, courtesy towards teammates, coaches and other teams, show of integrity in behavior and manners and grace in losing. A sportsman enters a game knowing and accepting the fact that he may lose or win. It’s all in the game. However, peer pressure, competition and obsession with individual achievement often win medals but churn out losers.

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