How to play and type bonuses in the game Storm Lords

Like other slot gambling games, you will set the bet amount and the level or line bets after which you will roll or rotate the slot if the slot stops on a particular picture, symbol or hurf in the specified row and column then you will win the bet.

Here are the types of bonuses offered in the game Storm pkv poker

  1. Wild

In the game Storm Lords there are several types of bonuses, one of which is “The Wilds”. To win this bonus type you must make a combination of symbols that are close together on reels or columns 2 and 4 when this bonus comes out marked with the appearance of 2 main characters that fill the reel columns 2 and 4, except for “The Scatters” in columns 1,3 and 5 .

  1. Treasure Coin

The Treasure Coin bonus round is activated when 6 or more Treasure Coin symbols (marked with Gold Coin images) at each location on the reel or column in your game display. You will receive 3 re-spins, while the Treasure Coin remains locked in the row or column of the game. Actually, you can get successive payments in one round. If you successfully fill a total of 15 positions with a picture of treasure coin then you will win the Jackpot. The Treasure Coin feature is also implemented during the free-spin feature.

  1. Free Spins or Free Spins

Free Spins is the most important bonus type in the Storm Lords game because you can win the 50,000 x betting jackpot here. The free spin feature is played when 3 or more “Ammonet Scatters” appear at any position in your reel or column of the game. This bonus gives you 2 choices of free rounds, namely:

  1. Treasure Spins: 6 free games are given, where the Treasure Coin is stored in all positions in the reel column 5. The feature Treasure coin can occur during this free game.

The maximum total free-spin that can be obtained by you is 12 (6 at the beginning plus 6 more free spins if the Treasure coin reappears when you play the slot).

  1. Wild Reels: Almost the same as Treasure spins, the maximum accumulation of Wild Reels that can be obtained by you is 12 (6 at the beginning plus 6 more free spins if the Treasure coin reappears when you turn the slot). It’s just that when “wild reels” occur, reels or columns 2 and 4 will be locked by a picture of 2 main characters in this game, namely “The Cloud and The Wind Wilds”.

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