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Phones are an important mode of communication. They have been accepted by people all over the world as one of the most Best Cordless Phones Reviews ways of communication. Phones serve as two-way communication equipment that is quite efficient. Phones have been evolving ever since their invention by Alexander Graham Bell. Generic phones made use of large stationary boxes that served as receiver and a microphone was used as speaker. With advances in technology, these large boxes became compact and speaker/receiver was integrated as one.

Improvement in radio communication, invented a cordless phone. These are compact and multi functional instruments can be moved around within a limited area. Cordless phone is based on the theory of a radio. It uses radio waves to transmit signals from handset to receiver.

Cordless phones are classified according to the range that they can function in. Capacity of cordless phones is measured in mega hertz (Mhz). Higher the frequency, larger is its transmitting capacity. Cordless phones were initially available in 49 Mhz. These were short-range cordless phones and were not tamper proof. High end cordless phones are available in hi-tech designs and at higher frequencies. Their frequencies range from 900 Mhz to 2.4 Ghz (giga hertz). Cordless phones with such long-range frequencies are also designed to be scan proof. Interference is difficult owing to the hardware built in them. These cordless phones are digital and do not compromise on sound clarity. Hi-tech Cordless phones could function flawlessly at long ranges up to 2.4 Ghz. Some instruments may have a facility of answering machines that record messages after voicing a personalized pre recorded message. The number of messages that can be stored depends on the variant of cordless phone.

While buying a best cordless phone it is recommended to closely judge the requirements like area of home or office and frequency of usage.

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