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Are you finding yourself a little short this month, and having trouble paying your bills? Do you have a payment coming up soon that you will be unable to afford? Do you have a bad credit history?

Sadly, and increasingly since the credit crisis there is a growing number of people in our society who would answer yes to these questions. More and more people are struggling to find sufficient income to meet their day-to-day bills.

Unemployment and underemployment are both a major problem, and as people find their income falling they get further and further into financial trouble.

If that describes you, if you’re unable to pay your bills, if you’re struggling, if you’ve got a large payment coming up that you know you can’t afford, if you have a bad credit history, what should you do?

Well of course the obvious solution is to increase your income. Get a new job, get a better job, or increase your hours. Any of those solutions may well overcome the problem. However for many slickcashloan.com people this isn’t realistic or practical. If you can do so then get out and do it now, the longer you wait the further into financial trouble you’ll sink.

However for many people getting a new job, or even getting any job, isn’t likely. There just isn’t enough work and enough hours to go around.

For those people it’s important to give some serious consideration to your circumstances, rather than trying to ignore the problems and hoping they will go away.

One of the most important things you can do if you are facing these sorts of issues is to look at every single expense that you have and look for ways to reduce your expenses. Any reduction in expenses reduces the financial pressure that many people face. Whilst it’s not easy or even practical to reduce expenses dramatically there is always something, or a number of things, that can be shaved off the budget to try to reduce expenses.

Even a weekly cup of coffee at the coffee shop will cost you a few hundred dollars a year. Whilst one cup of coffee doesn’t seem to cost much it adds up over a year.

Some people consider borrowing. Borrowing is certainly an option, but if you borrow money to cover your expenses you need to be very careful.

As a general rule the more financial trouble you are in the higher will be the cost of borrowing. Whilst there are reputable companies who will lend money to people without a credit check, including people with a bad credit history, the cost of doing so will be relatively high.

Loan companies regularly loan small amounts to people with poor credit histories, and if you’re looking to take out such a loan then read all of the details very carefully before doing so.

Commonly you’ll find that the fees for taking out the loan and/or the interest charged on the loan will be relatively high compared to regular secured loans. This is because lending money to people in financial difficulty and with poor credit histories carries a much higher risk than lending money to people with secure incomes and security to offer. So the lending company seeks to make a profit and to cover the loans which are in default.

Taking out a loan such as a short-term installment loan is certainly an option, but one which must be considered carefully. Only do so where you are confident that you know exactly how much you are borrowing, how much you are repaying, how much the periodical repayments are and are confident that you can fully repay the loan.

If you are not confident that you can repay any loan do not take it out, as more often than not it will lead to more serious problems in the future. People with bad credit who are considering an installment loan for bad credit should be extremely careful of taking an installment loan as they do not need to harm their credit further.

If you’re stuck in a financial trap then I wish you luck. The best advice I can give is to tackle the problem head on right now rather than waiting and hoping it will go away. Chances are it won’t

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